Gramercy Row

The challenge of new urbanism, is that no matter how much we strive for authenticity, the product and materials are still new. They aren’t weathered by time; they haven’t settled into their new home.  Yet, through meticulous editing and selection, our goal is to enhance the streetscape so that the end product feels like its designed in the vernacular, rich with historical ques of its environ.  

In 2013 we began a comprehensive analysis of vacant, under-utilized and under-performing surface lots in Downtown Roanoke. This study led us to the acquisition of a .77 acre lot at the intersection of Williamson Road and Tazewell Avenue, which we feel offered a tremendous opportunity to reclaim and add value to our Downtown. Now complete and well over 95% leased, we celebrate the delivery of Roanoke’s first urban infill project of the last fifty years! Gramercy Row seeks to compliment the small lot, vertical construction of the early 21st century so characteristic of Roanoke. Behind six unique and integrated facades, are 84 loft apartments many overlooking one of two rooftop courtyards, and private balconies as well as 6,000 SF of retail and commercial space now home to Hawk Advisers.